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    • Seoul/Incheon(ICN)
    • Singapore(SIN)
    • Seoul/Incheon(ICN)
    • Singapore(SIN)
  • 2021.12

    [Unit : 10,000 Korean won]

    • Estimated minimum price (for 1 adult)
    • KRW
    • Adult
      Age 12 or older
    • Child
      Ages 2-11
    • Infant
      Under age 2
    You can book for up to 9 passengers including adults, children and infants.

Age calculator If you’d like to see which of the categories of adult, child or infant a passenger falls into, enter the date of birth and calculate the passenger’s age.

Information for passengers traveling to/from the U.S.A.

Information for passengers traveling to Singapore.

Singapore is implementing the VTF (Vaccinated Travel Framework) as shown below.
<VTF Regulations>
<VTF entry preparations>
Detailed conditionsSingaporean SC&PRLong-term residentShort-term entrant
Vaccination Certificate
  • Singapore Vaccination Proof with TraceTogether(Singpass)
  • Korean immunizations: Proof of COOV application or Certificate of immunization issued by the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • For immunizations from other countries: Refer to Singapore Immigration Service (ICA) information
  • Short-term visitors with Korean nationality do not need a visa (90 days visa-free entry)
SG Arrival CardOOO
Install the appOOO

<Immigration Rules>
  • For business or tourism purposes, guests staying for a short period of less than 90 days Apply for K-ETA.
  • Long-term stay (more than 90 days) ), please prepare a visa that suits your purpose.
<Immigration preparations>
  • Within 2 days before departure PCR or within 1 day before departure Antigen test for professionals (RAT)
  • Only RAT tests through medical institutions are accepted, self-diagnosis/remote tests are not accepted
  • Example) If the flight departs at 23:00 on May 23 (Mon), only documents checked from 00:00 on May 22 (Sun) are accepted
  • Vaccination certificate (Isolation exemption applied)
  • After completing vaccination in Korea or abroad, present the COOV app or government24 certificate
  • After completing vaccination abroad, non-registered customers at the domestic public health center, please register in Q-Code.
  • Q-Code (Quarantine information pre-entry system)
  • the site.

Information for passengers on flights to nowhere.

Flights to nowhereare still considered international flightsthat require going through the official departure and arrival processes at immigration. To prevent restrictions,make sure to bring your passportandabide by rulesincluding those concerning baggage. To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, please abide bythe hygiene rules.

(Observation of everyday hygiene and personal hygiene rules) All passengers must abide by personal hygiene rules, including the wearing of a face mask at all times during check-in and boarding and at the airport.
(Restrictions to boarding) If the pre-boarding temperature check reveals your temperature to be higher than 37.5 degrees, you may be prohibited from boarding, and you will also be prohibited from boarding if you have traveled abroad in the last 14 days.
(Dedicated tags must be worn at all times) Passengers on international tourist flights must receive a tag at the check-in counter of their airline and wear the tag at all times in the airport and when going through immigration. * Those not wearing the tag may be restricted from entering the departure hall or stores.
(Use of dedicated areas) To minimize contact with international travelers, only dedicated areas of restaurants or duty free pick-up counters may be used.
* You may be prohibited from using certain facilities to segregate the routes from international passengers.
(Use of duty free stores) To minimize contact with international travelers, only dedicated areas of restaurants or duty free pick-up counters may be used.
* Duty-free items may be purchased in town (or over the internet) or in the departure hall of the airport (but access to certain areas may be restricted) Duty-free items that have been purchased must go through customs with the plastic packaging intact.
(Customs declaration upon entering the country) Maximum allowance for exemption of import duties: USD600 (Fill out the forms for ‘items you are bringing with you’ and ‘confirmation of the items purchased in duty free stores’ and submit them to the customs officer. If purchases exceed the maximum allowance for duty exemption, voluntarily declare the fact to customs. Not declaring such cases may lead to additional charges of taxes or penalties including investigations.
(Baggage) Passengers of international tourist flights shall be prohibited from checking in their baggage and will only be allowed carry-on baggage.
(Observation of in-flight hygiene rules) Changing seats in flight (sitting in a different seat than one’s own) is prohibited. Social distancing, wearing of masks and hand sterilization during boarding, deboarding and while queueing for the restroom should be abided by.
(Transportation for returning home) The use of one’s own car is recommended. Transportation for ordinary travelers (foreign entrants) is restricted.
⑩ We kindly request your cooperation with the staff at the airlines, airport and duty free stores. Non-cooperation may lead to a rejection of boarding.
⑪ Consumption of all foods (including food that the passenger brought) is prohibited in flight.
⑫ This flight is only available to Korean nationals. Those with dual nationalities or of a foreign nationality are not allowed.

※ Those with permanent residency do not qualify as Korean national’s under the related rules and therefore are not allowed to take flights to nowhere. Violation of this rule may lead to imposition of administrative penalties and restrictions on the use of duty free stores.

I hereby agree to abide by the rules concerning social distancing, hygiene and maximum allowance on duty exemptions on this international tourism flight, and hereby grant my consent.

I have acknowledged the above and hereby grant my consent to proceed with the booking.

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